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Be it espresso, pour-over, moccamaster, or the convenient capsule, we got you covered in all things coffee. PS! We don't do plastics or aluminum in our capsules, all our packaging is biodegradable. As the coffee, it's sustainable for the farmer, the planet, and you!


Filter Brew Wholebean

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Select your coffee

What kind of coffee person are you? We have everything from the full punch in your face to the lighter roasts full of delicious flavours. The number of beans is your guide to intensity!

Delivery frequency

How often do you want us to send the coffee? It depends on how much you usually drink in a day. A 500g bag is ruffly 45 standard coffee cups, and the smaller bag is about 22.

Once a week

Every 2 weeks

Every 3 weeks

Every 4 weeks

Add something extra

This is a smorgasbord of extras. Decide if you want an extra as a one-time thing or if you want it on repeat with your coffee at your chosen frequency.

Lykke stickers

50 SEK

Aeropress Paper Filters

79 SEK

Chemex 100 Filters 3 Cups

129 SEK

Chemex Filters 6, 8, 10 Cups

129 SEK

Hario Paper Filters V60

72 SEK


Alright, so this is what we have for you, just hit "proceed to cart" and you'll never be out of coffee again.


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