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JANUARY 28, 2020 | Written by Hampus Marcussen 

Uganda is an East African country, close to and bordering some of the best coffee producing countries on the planet. But still, Uganda isn’t on the general specialty coffee radar. Instead, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia get all the spotlight and fame.

”It literally sits on the equator, has mountain ranges with great altitudes and amazingly fertile soils.” 

However, the fact is that Uganda has all the right elements to produce coffee of the highest qualities. It literally sits on the equator, has mountain ranges with great altitudes and amazingly fertile soils. On top of that farmers in the country are already cultivating varieties of coffee that we know to produce some of the best cups.

Therefore we see Uganda as a coffee country with tremendous potential. Where, by increasing the knowledge in how to manage farms and making sure picking of coffee cherries and processing of it improves, we can raise the level of quality.

”During 2020 we began the buildout of our washing station” 

We have chosen to focus on and establish in the regions of the Rwenzori Mountain range, in the western part of the country, just next to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The mountains stretch from north to south along with the border of the two countries that divide it. The Ugandan side faces to the east. Peaks of the Rwenzoris go as high as 5.000 meters and is part of the national park carrying the region's name. The park begins with a well-defined line of trees at 2300 meters and this dense forest holds a wide range of vegetation and rich wildlife.

Below this line of trees is where coffee and other crops are cultivated in the region. Giving perfect conditions for coffee at altitudes of 1600-2300 meters.

With these conditions, we set up our model farm and during 2020 we began the buildout of our washing station. We are also initiating a partnership with the local coffee cooperative, Mount Rwenzori Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. The cooperative holds over 2500 farmers that all grow coffee on the mountain range and from whom we will be able to buy coffee cherries.

The harvesting season begins in November and lasts until February at the very highest elevations.



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