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MALIN OF HÖKARÄNGEN 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
MALIN OF HÖKARÄNGEN 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
MALIN OF HÖKARÄNGEN 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
MALIN OF HÖKARÄNGEN 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
MALIN OF HÖKARÄNGEN 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar

Malin from Hökarängen is Your chill friend and coffee blend. Not too dark, not too light. So lagom* and Malin that you will probably want more. 

Lagom strong, lagom flavourful, lagom best. Malin is like, lagom roasted coffee, you know?

185 SEK


Filter brew


Flavour profile: 

Chocolate, almond, dried fruit

Roast profile: 

Sweet & full bodied
  • When we created Malin, we did so for those of you that like a full-flavored coffee and that want to support the Lykke project, but not drink a light roast. You aren't the picky kind, but you like good things, lagom things.

  • Malin contains coffee from our own and our neighbors' farms in Brazil and Peru. The exact contents vary with the seasons.

  • Please choose ground or wholebean in the drop down

 About the bean 

  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • About the packaging 
  • How to Recycle


Region: Agua de Nieves, Monobamba

Altitude: 1600-2100 m


Process: The coffee cherries are peeled of pulp and left to rest in their sugar mucilage for 24-36 h. During the rest, the sugar is dissolved during a fermentation process. Kind of like in regular sourdough fermentation. After that, the berries are washed in fresh spring water before they are dried slowly.


Region: Espírito Santo

Altitude: 900 to 1500 m

Varieties: Red and yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

About the packaging: We chose the name Malin of Hökarängen to pay tribute to our neighborhood and love for Hökis. In addition, in the '70s there was a concept called Nisse in Hökarängen which symbolized 'The Average Joe'. And that's exactly what this coffee is. A completely average good coffee, roasted by us in Hökarängen.

The photo of the best friend was taken by pop photographer Joakim Strömholm in the happy year of 1983. Neither Joakim nor Malin (whose real name is actually Lotta) remembers how or where the photo was taken.

Our bag is completely compostable and we put lots and lots of effort into making it so. 


Use the bag for something new, like planting plants in it or new storage for your pens.


Put the bag in an active compost. It will become soil (the time it takes depends on the season, liveliness, and temperature of the compost)


Recycle as paper.

*It's impossible to translate the word 'Lagom'. But if we were to try, we would say, not too much, not too little. Perhaps 'just right' would be the best approximation, if you could imagine for a moment someone saying 'just right' in a completely neutral voice, free of either sadness or excitement. Said with lagom much enthusiasm?

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