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The team at Lykke are a colourful bunch who are passionate about sustainability and have created a coffee-farming project rather than just a roastery. We wanted to do something different, so we talked to our farming friends and started building small communities in El Salvador, Peru, Brazil and Uganda. We own our own farms where we have set up processing stations and small lots together with the farmers – who are also co-owners in our company. From our base camp in each origin, we also work with our neighbouring farmers to help them increase the quality and quantity of their harvest ecologically and organically.


Boutique / Gift Shops

Apart from our ethos and transparency, where we work with the surrounding communities in the countries we work in to make a sustainable cup of coffee and a well balanced and delicious cup. 

We also focus on the design, so the packaging is incredibly bright, colourful and vibrant perfect to bundle for a gift, or sell on a shelf with your other complimentary products.



Not only do we aim to influence the coffee industry for the better, but we also have a unique colourful brand that focuses on bringing out the best characteristics of every single bean.

Each coffee is unique with different roasting profiles to suit the variety of different taste pallets – from light to more intense, nutty and sweet, fruity and juicy or fragrant and floral.


Hoxton Home | British Columbia, Canada

"We were drawn to Lykke initially for the unique branding and most importantly their ethos and goal to influence the coffee industry for the better. The fact that they are part of growing, buying and roasting their own beans allows for full transparency that is rare with other coffee companies."

Aside from these crucial facts, the coffee is all incredibly delicious. Each style is unique, but the flavours are all extremely balanced and dynamic. Coming from North America, we often find coffee two ways, rich and chocolatey (almost burnt tasting) or very very extracted (almost like grapefruit juice). Lykke roasts to enhance the natural flavours of the beans and the result is something much more interesting and balanced. Whether it's rich and full bodied or lighter and brighter, each style has balanced flavours that allow for a more enjoyable cup. Especially if you drink your coffee black, you will notice all the nuances and appreciate the bean for its true characteristics. It would be extremely hard to go back to anything else!

Sara Edge, Owner/Operator

As environmental consciousness grows among consumers, prioritizing sustainability is paramount. At Lykke, we embrace this ethos wholeheartedly. Through vibrant packaging and a commitment to ensuring no harm comes to anyone or anything when enjoying our coffee, we ensure that choosing Lykke satisfies both your taste buds and your values as a conscientious consumer.

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