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Head roaster Benjamin explains the Lykke philosophy to roasting coffee.

When the coffee arrives at the roastery the hard work has already been done and the coffee contains all of it’s potential. During the roasting process it is our job to bring out as much of the coffees natural characteristics as possible.

We do that by finding the perfect roast profile for each and every coffee depending on which natural acids, proteins and sugars are locked up in each bean. Every coffee requires its own profile depending on its density, moisture content and natural characteristics. As a roaster we first test a coffee to find what is unique about it in order to have it reach it’s full potential and find what we want to highlight.

We have a soft approach, and a light touch. That doesn’t necessarily mean a light roast, but a mindful roast.

Many roasters have a very high focus on acidity, and we find that important, but sweetness and balance is always our goal. That also makes for a more approachable coffee.

To us, in the perfectly roasted coffee you can taste the origin, terroir and process of the coffee. And that will vary with different origins. A Brazilian coffee doesn't usually taste like a Kenyan one, and that is what is so great.

Since such a large part of Lykkes business model lies in the growing of the coffee, the roasting is also focused on that. The magic happens at the farms. The roasting is just a way to make it into a brewable drink. We have such good coffee beans to start with that our job is just to let it shine. It’s never about the roasting itself, but the whole journey. If the roasting is done well, you will not think about the roasting, but instead you will be able to taste the true character of the coffee. 

We roast on a Loring smart roast (S35). The Loring uses closed system with a single burner to reduce emissions and roast coffee more efficiently than a traditional drum roaster, meaning that we can save on gas usage and keep our neighbors happy. Apart from roasting really, really good coffee and a clean cup of course. But that is something a Lykke customer should take for granted. All of the hard work that is put in has the ultimate goal of a tasty cup of coffee, that also does good in the world.



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