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How do you turn the coffee industry up-side-down? By letting the coffee farmers run the show. To us, thats the only way. At Lykke, the farmers are our partners, co-owners as well as our friends.



We set out to challenge the normal way of doing things by actually growing, buying, and roasting coffee ourselves – all with the humble goal of influencing the coffee industry for the better. We aim to do right so that we can all still enjoy a truly good cup of coffee in 50 years. 

We have invested in our coffee farms and local communities to make sure that nothing gets harmed when we enjoy a good cup of coffee.

We own and cooperate directly with locals AND we buy additional coffee from our neighbours. We are partners mutually focused on progress for the environment and the local community.

It is our goal to run a coffee company without anyone or anything being harmed in the process!


As environmental consciousness grows among consumers, prioritising sustainability is paramount. At Lykke, we embrace this ethos wholeheartedly. Through vibrant packaging and a commitment to ensuring no harm comes to anyone or anything when enjoying our coffee, we ensure that choosing Lykke satisfies both your taste buds and your values as a conscientious consumer.

To do this, we need scale. We have developed a LYKKE TOOLBOX and we invite you to come look inside! Join our team and open your home coffee operation based on the Lykke Farming Project. 

We’ve done the work to:

  • Build brands
  • Develop award winning designs
  • Define roast profiles
  • Create pods, capsules, compostable packaging, teas, and accessory portfolios
  • Source the best coffees in the world from our farms and make them YOUR farms too!

How do you make coffee more sustainable?

On the highest peaks in El Salvador and Panama, by the snow water lakes of the Andes, back up to the Brasilian plateaus and over the seas to the birthplace of coffee in eastern Africa, we are establishing showcase farms where we grow coffee the right way. Organically, without mono-cultures and in perfect harmony with people and planet.


We own our coffee farms and company together with the coffee farmers, cutting out all middle persons. We set up basecamps in each origin country where we can experiment with ecology and coffee processes as well as share our knowledge with our coffee growing neighbours.

How to increase their quality and harvest, and how to grow more sustainably at the same time. This way we're not only making a full circle, being both the producer and buyer, but we also create working opportunities and better circumstances for the farmers in general.

We also follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with specific focuses in each origin country.  

Basic Program Includes:

  • Modest initiation set-up = way less than you might spend to develop a brand, register the name, design packaging, source beans and farm relationships, and create an identity
  • Recurring marketing fee based on a percentage of gross sales which includes both marketing and roasting support, sourcing guides, and other training.
  • Green bean sources, farmer access, annual visits and regular partnership with farmers in 4 countries with more to follow.
  • Webshop with no maintenance from your end + kick-back on sales in your market.  
  • Fully transparent sustainability and impact report each year. 
  • Marketing material: Presentations, photos, illustrations, branding guide, toolkit, newsletter content, Social Media Calendar and much more. 
Become a Lykke Partner







Become a Lykke Partner
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