BAM BAM! 500g

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BAM BAM! 500g
BAM BAM! 500g

BAM BAM is an espresso for everyone. With a smooth yet vibrant taste profile with notes of French nougat, milk chocolate, caramel, and sweet red berries. A real nice espresso.

We change the beans with the seasons. At the moment, Bam Bam contains coffee from Caparaó in Brazil and Agua de Nieves in Peru.

We have roasted Bam Bam to enhance your espresso brewing which makes the coffee more soluble in water. In that way, we can easily get to a place of a flavourful and balanced espresso.

Region: Caparaó
Altitude: 900-1500 m
Process: Whole coffee cherries, dried with peel and pulp intact under Brazilian rays of sunshine. We call it cherry dried.


Region: Agua de Nieves, Monobamba - Peru
Altitude: 1600-2100 m
Process: The coffee cherries are peeled of pulp and left to rest in their sugar mucilage for 24-36 h. During the rest, the sugar is dissolved during a fermentation process. Kind of like in a regular sour dough fermentation. After that, the berries are washed in fresh spring water before they are dried slowly.

Our bag is completely biodegradeable and we put lots and lots of effort into making it so. 60% is degraded in 90 days. The remaining 40% will eventually also degrade, but it takes a little longer. Soon, the whole bag will be compostable. Hang in there!


BAM BAM! 500g
BAM BAM! 500g