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The Lykke Journals

Welcome to our brew guides, recipes, projects, missions, farms, news and more. If you read or watch them all you might become somewhat of a coffee expert. Not only on how coffee is grown but also on how to best extract an espresso. You will be able to impress your guests with playful recipes and take part in the most intricate conversations about the complexity of an SL-34 bean and the way climate change is affecting the coffee industry.

All in all, there is something for everyone here. Happy reading, or watching, and may the coffee in your cup never run out. And if it does – we can fix that!


These are stories from our farmers, our projects and other coffee-related (could also be tea...) stories that we deemed important to tell you about. If there is a topic you feel you just need us to cover, hit our chat with a message. We got you!

JOURNAL | The Uganda Project

JOURNAL | The Uganda Project

An interview with our co-founders Lars Pilengrim & and Johan Wellander about Lykkes Farming Odyssey (WeEffect collaboration, social and societal impact, gender equality and our partner Lunar Coffee) at the foot of Mount Rwenzori, Uganda.

JOURNAL | Coffee Processes

JOURNAL | Coffee Processes

There are several methods used to process coffee beans, each resulting in unique flavours and characteristics.  Each process contributes to the final flavour profile of the coffee, making the world of coffee processing truly fascinating and diverse. Learn about these processing techniques: Washed, honey, semi-washed, natural or carbonic maceration.

JOURNAL | The Anatomy of a Coffee Cherry - Lykke Kaffegårdar

JOURNAL | The Anatomy of a Coffee Cherry

Behind every cup of aromatic coffee lies a secret marvel of nature — the coffee cherry. This small, vibrant fruit is the very essence of the coffee experience, encapsulating flavour, aroma, and complexity in every delectable sip. Let’s dive into the fascinating anatomy of a coffee cherry and uncover the hidden wonders that make it the heart and soul of our beloved beverage.

JOURNAL | Varieties - Lykke Kaffegårdar

JOURNAL | Varieties

There’s a diverse range of coffee species and cultivars available globally. Each variety offers unique characteristics that contribute to the overall flavour, aroma, and experience when enjoying a cup of coffee. There are hundreds of different species identified, but there are even more to be discovered!



Mmm, yummy. Looking for recipes on Iced Lattes, Ice Tea, Midsummer love potions and Swedish ”Fat Tuesday” buns. This is the place to go. Lykke you!

Brew Guides

Brewing with Ben, if you haven't yet—look here to learn from our roastmasters and baristas on how to make the perfect coffee, be it aeoropress, simplify brewer, moccamaster, espresso or a pour-over. Here's how to become the master of coffee extraction. 

Our Farms

We own our coffee farms and company together with the coffee farmers, cutting out all middle persons and making sure that nothing or no-one gets harmed when we enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Why coffee from Lykke?


Grown in harmony with people and planet - without middle persons.


Perfectly roasted coffee, with the taste of origin, terroir and process of the coffee.

Cultivating Happiness

We aim that nothing and no one will be harmed when you enjoy a good cup of coffee!

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