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UFO 250g coffee
UFO 250g coffee
UFO 250g coffee
UFO 250g coffee

UFO 250g coffee

129 SEK


Join us on a journey where Lykke and 2,500 coffee farmers challenge old methods and create dreamy coffee in the pristine and mystical nature at the foot of Mount Rwenzori, Uganda. UFO is our new single-origin 250g coffee bag with notes of unrefined cane sugar, dried currants and cranberries.

This is a truly special coffee – not only for its round, berryful flavour but also because of the project behind it together with We Effect.

We Effect is an aid organisation that works to make an impact in developing countries, and together we’ve built a processing station in the Rwenzori Mountains, hired hundreds of people, started working with thousands of producers and set up a successful and growing scout program to ensure better quality and pay for the farmer.

UFO is proof of how companies and aid organisations can work together in a win-win-win project and make the world a little bit better – one cherry at a time.

Read more about our collaboration here.

What:Filter Brew
Flavour profile:Unrefined cane sugar, dried currants and cranberry
Roast profile:Balanced and full Bodied

Head Roaster Message:

"It's finally here! the first harvest from Lunar Coffee, our joint venture with Long Miles Coffee project and the biggest thing to happen since Kaldi's goats decided to much on some Yemeni coffee berries. This is the start of a long journey together with local farmers and agronomers. We hope you're just as excited as us to see how the coffee quality improves from year to year as farmers become empowered."


What's in the blend?

Single origin, a Ugandan Farming Odyssey.

Roast Process:

African coffees are so unlike anything else that we roast here at Lykke. The high altitude and bountiful soil produce high-density beans packed full of organic acids and flavour compounds just waiting to be unlocked! Since this is our first African coffee in the 4 years since pen was first put to paper, a lot of planning and trial and error went into roasting these beans to perfection.

Is it wholebean?

Please choose if you want ground or wholebean in the drop-down menu.

The Uganda project

Since we began our Lykke project, our path has been lined with some challenges, to say the least. A global pandemic, shipping delays, lockdowns, war – our timing’s been perfect...! But now, we have reached a massive milestone by finally launching our first Lykke Coffee from Uganda. This doesn’t just mean adding another origin to our repertoire– this means proof of concept and represents everything that Lykke stands for. We have built a processing station, hired hundreds of people, we started co-working with over 2000 coffee producers, worked with charity organisations and female co-operatives, and supported, empowered, educated, harvested and processed – all in the name of sustainability, happiness and care.



  • Region: Rwenzori Mountains
  • Altitude: 1600 - 2200 m
  • Variety: SL28 and SL34
  • Process: Honey


Why coffee from Lykke?


Grown in harmony with people and planet - without middle persons.


Perfectly roasted coffee, with the taste of origin, terroir and process of the coffee.

Cultivating Happiness

We aim that nothing and no one will be harmed when you enjoy a good cup of coffee!


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