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BAM BAM! 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
BAM BAM! 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar

"The flavour profile is sweet and full-bodied thanks to the Brazilian coffee which is balanced with a freshness and fruitiness from the Peruvian beans. A dependable and easy to love cup, guaranteed to bring joy."


BAM BAM is an espresso for everyone. With a smooth yet vibrant taste profile with notes of French nougat, milk chocolate, caramel, and sweet red berries. A real nice espresso.

205 SEK




Flavour profile: 

Milk chocolate, French nougat, caramel, sweet berries

Roast profile: 

Dark & full bodied

  • We have roasted Bam Bam to enhance your espresso brewing which makes the coffee more soluble in water. In that way, we can easily get to a place of a flavourful and balanced espresso.

  • We change the beans with the seasons. At the moment, Bam Bam contains coffee from Espirito Santo in Brazil and Agua de Nieves in Peru.

  • BAM BAM!

 About the bean 

  • Brazil
  • Peru


Region: Caparaó - Minas Gerais

Altitude: 800-1500 m

Variety: Catucaí & Catuaí

Process: So-called ’natural’. Right after harvest, the cherries are dried on with the cherry intact with the soft highland breeze under the Brazilian sun.


Region: Agua de Nieves, Monobamba - Peru

Altitude: 1600-2100 m

Process: The coffee cherries are peeled of pulp and left to rest in their sugar mucilage for 24-36 h. During the rest, the sugar is dissolved during a fermentation process. Kind of like in a regular sourdough fermentation. After that, the berries are washed in fresh spring water before they are dried slowly.

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