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Farm Update Uganda - June 2024

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Farm Update Uganda - June 2024


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Scout program, Swedish ambassador and farm upgrades! 

Not every coffee company can say that they are present 365 days a year at the farms, overseeing every step from seed to cup. At Lykke Coffee Farms we run our own coffee farms and projects in each of the origin countries that we work in. And by doing so we can know exactly how it's grown, processed and taken care of. Part of it all is then sharing those stories in full transparency so that you (yes you reading right now) know what we’re actually doing on the ground. 

This week we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of Swedish visitors to our Lunar washing station. Explaining all the efforts it takes to produce high end specialty coffee and take them around to see some of the model farmers that we work closely with through our Coffee Scout Program. The visiting group included the Swedish Ambassador of Uganda, Maria Håkansson, Lars Ericsson of Coop Östra (formerly Konsumentförening Stockholm), Secretary General Anna Tibblin of We Effect. Here are some updates from Lars Pilengrim and our lead story scout Godwin Musema.


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The Swedish Embassy visits the farm

"We were honored to host the Swedish Ambassador of Uganda and her delegation at our washing station! It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our operations and share our story with esteemed visitors. The Ambassador and her team, including Lars and other distinguished guests, took a comprehensive tour of our facilities, learning about our coffee processing methods and commitment to quality. We also had a delightful photo session with the visitors, capturing memorable moments and smiles. The Ambassador's interest in our work and willingness to learn more about Uganda's coffee industry were truly inspiring. This visit has strengthened our resolve to continue producing high-quality coffee and contributing to the growth of Uganda's coffee sector. We're grateful for the support and look forward to future collaborations!"

- Godwin Musema

Swe Embassy at Lunar
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Lars Ericsson of Coop Östra (formerly Konsumentförening Stockholm), Secretary General Anna Tibblin of We Effect.

Top on the agenda discussions were:

1.⁠ ⁠Utilizing the Coffee Scouts program to further benefit farmers across the three pillars of sustainability (social, economic, and environmental)

2.⁠ ⁠Increasing our coffee production capacity to meet the growing demand for high-quality coffee.

3.⁠ ⁠Prioritizing the expansion of the Coffee Scouts Program to reach more regions.

4.⁠ ⁠Involving more coffee cooperatives and farmer groups in our efforts.

5.⁠ ⁠Addressing the challenges posed by middlemen as we introduce a new coffee purchasing approach in the Rwenzori region.

Our coffee scout program is the backbone of what we do at Lunar Coffee and essential to our efforts. As of today we currently employ 18 people to act as coffee scouts. These are young women and men from each of the coffee growing zones we work in, that were handpicked by their own communities. They’ve then undergone extensive training with our very own lead agronomist Clayton and the team of We Effect, to be able to go out and teach the best practices of coffee along with themes of food security and gender equality to the many farmers that are present in their respective zones.Part of the objective with the visiting delegation was to further discuss how we could develop and grow this program, that have already shown significant result in the field.

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The Scout Program

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One part of the important work that the coffees scouts do is related to food security. And bring knowledge on how to diversify the food farmers in the mountains of the Rwenzori’s consume. Vertical kitchen gardens are a smart and space saving way of growing a multitude of vegetables that our lead agronomist Clayton came up with. Easy to set up and manage for the farmers as well as high yielding. Cabbage, onions, eggplant and other nutritious crops can be grown for own consumption as well as selling the surpluses and creating additional streams of income.

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Wednesday, May 29th from Godwin Musema

“Today was an exciting day at the washing station! Our coffee scouts came in with their appraisal forms, eager to showcase their hard work and dedication. They handed them over to our lead agronomist, who conducted interviews to assess their understanding of the field activities they've been conducting. The scouts were put to the test, defending their answers and demonstrating their knowledge of coffee production and all training they have undergone such as integrated pest management, farming as a business, gender inclusion, VSLA (village saving and loans association) and coffee quality. This exercise aims to identify the most active and effective scouts. It was great to see the scouts confidently sharing their experiences and insights, and our lead agronomist providing valuable feedback and guidance. This process not only evaluates their performance but also helps them grow and improve in their roles. We're proud of our scouts hard work and commitment to excellence, and we're looking forward to seeing the results of this evaluation.”

Kitchen Gardens

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-01 at 15.15.24.jpeg__PID:46470d34-e070-496f-88fa-20e06b4af86c
Vertical garden
vertical garden.jpeg__PID:7cfd2ce9-7c6c-4f5d-94e0-cdc98fb2b3cb

Upgrades at the farm

We are priotizing a clean and safe environment with a motor Bush Clearing effort underway around the washing station, you can see the difference its making already. Seen in picture below. 

Cleaning up .png__PID:e0cdc98f-b2b3-4b46-8790-bdec0f89e2c1

We are currently undergoing Phase two construction of our washing station, with welding and installation of accommodation rooms in full swing. Seen in picture below.


“Coffee production remains at the heart of our work, our drying tables are currently busy with fresh coffee cherries from the smaller fly crop season, being carefully dried to perfection. Meanwhile our team is hard to work bagging and storing the dried coffee, carefully preparing them for market. Seen in pictures below.”

- Godwin Musema

coffee bags u.png__PID:b974e087-2995-4558-81c7-ccc23b4a9168
drying tables.png__PID:c1b974e0-8729-4565-9801-c7ccc23b4a91

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