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LYKKE CAN – Yellow
LYKKE CAN – Yellow - Lykke Kaffegårdar
LYKKE CAN – Yellow
LYKKE CAN – Yellow
LYKKE CAN – Yellow - Lykke Kaffegårdar
LYKKE CAN – Yellow

LYKKE CAN – Yellow

159 SEK


In colour psychology, yellow represents positivity, happiness, and warmth. On the other hand, it also stands for deception, fear, and betrayal.

But this is not a telenovela, and we’re here to talk coffee!

“Brazilian coffee has never been better than what it is right now” says our toastmaster Ben. And if you have a sip of Yellow, you’ll realize why.

This can is filled with fruity notes and complexity – the perfect brew to enjoy on sunny fall days!

Remember: This is a limited edition and you’ll want to grab one (or five) before it’s gone. 💛


Origin:Brazil, Alto Caparaó
Producers:Clayton Barossa Monteiro
1400 masl
Variety:Yellow Catuai
Process:Cherry-dried on raised beds for 20 days
Flavour profile:
Toffee, plums, and nougat
What's inside:
Perfectly roasted wholebean



Head Roaster Message:

Here comes Another top coffee from one of our all-time favourite producers (all of the farmers we work with are our favourites) Clayton Barossa! Brazilian coffees have gone under the radar for a while now as baristas and coffee lovers look to seek high-octane coffee with intense characteristics from added-yeast fermentations and intense and acidic African coffees. But it’s time to stop sleeping in Brazil! The coffees coming out of this country, especially the Eastern regions of Caparaó & Espiríto Santo have never been better, offering delicate, well-balanced acidity, soft floral and tropical fruit characteristics, and a generous creamy mouthfeel. I know what coffee I’ll be sipping all summer...

Roast process:

Much like with Clayton’s other coffee Play (if you haven’t tried it yet, please check it out as you won’t be disappointed) we aim to highlight the coffee’s delicate fruity aromatics whilst still fully tapping into the creamy mouthfeel. It’s a bit of a tightrope walk but I’m pretty sure we’ve got it figured out! (just don’t look down)


Ninho da Aguía is famous for its fields of yellow Catuai. The golden coffee cherries dry on retired surfboards, as a reminder of the times when Clayton surfed the seven seas.

Enviously, the neighbors sneak around trying to catch a glimpse of the cherries as they soak in the setting sunlight.

Today we’re happy to have Clayton surfing with Lykke, producing magic coffees.

With coffees this intensely aromatic it’s easy to suspect funny business but all that’s going on here is hard graft and meticulous attention to detail at every step of the farming process.

Clayton is somewhat of an eco-warrior, eschewing standard organic certification and instead taking things one step further by focusing on regenerative farming practices. Rather than focusing solely on the health of his coffee plants and propping them up with diverse inputs, Clayton sees his farm as a self-sufficient ecosystem, where nature is free to be itself!

In the upper parts of his farm, Clayton has a well-producing lot of yellow catuai. During the peak season, when the cherries mature - they shine like gold across the field. Picking yellow varieties is even more difficult than the red counterpart, but Clayton like everything else masters it to perfection. And the cherries come out sweet and juicy - straight to the drying tables where they dry slowly for over 20 days.


Grown in harmony with people and planet - without middle persons.


Perfectly roasted coffee, with the taste of origin, terroir and process of the coffee.

Cultivating Happiness

We aim that nothing and no one will be harmed when you enjoy a good cup of coffee!


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