Lykke Bomber

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Lykke Bomber
Lykke Bomber

Hampus & Johan made this bomber as workwear for the people at Lykke, and having now worn it for about a week, I think it embodies a lot of what Lykke is to me.

First of all, it is super high quality, and it was clearly made with care for the details and materials, in just the way our coffee is, but also in how annoyingly perfectionist most of my colleagues are.

Also it has sooo many pockets. Pockets for everything! So how does that translate to Lykke? Do we have lots of pockets? Maybe, like pockets of knowledge? Yes for sure. Do we have deep pockets? Not that deep, but deeper than those of a Peruvian coffee farmer, and that is where it counts. Together we share our fleece lined pockets.

The bomber is also clearly made to last, and so are we. All decisions that we make for Lykke are with longevity in mind. For our planet, for our people, for the economy and for the future of coffee.

And the bomber is also cool, but mostly fun, meant to bring a smile(y) to its user. That is us.

/Gabriella at Lykke



Brand: Fristads/Lykke

Certified: OEKO-TEX®

Material: 100% polyester. Reinforcement 100% polyamide.

Wheight: Shell 240 g/m², lining 195 g/m², reinforcement 180 g/m².


Lykke Bomber
Lykke Bomber