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'Anything Goes' is the Lykke Coffee Club subscription to choose if you like surprises, walk off the beaten path, and trust us blindly. 

The contents of the subscription will vary with every delivery, even we don't know what we will throw in yet! But we can guarantee that it will contain delicious coffee from our own or our neighbor's farms. 

In this subscription:

  • 11, 22 or 44 Lykke Coffee Club easy brew bags.
  • A nice looking storage box for your Lykke Coffee Club bags (with first order)

Instructions for brewing:

  1. Add 5 dl of fresh cold water to your brewer
  2. Open coffee bag
  3. Pour coffee into the filter
  4. Brew
  5. Enjoy!

Shipping: Lykke Coffee Club subscriptions are sent from the roastery to your door once a month (on the second Wednesday of every month)

Storage: If you want the coffee to last longer, we recommend storing the bags in the freezer for maximum freshness.

When to enjoy: On the weekend morning, at the office, in the summerhouse, or whenever you need life to pet you lightly on the head.