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december 2022

5 Holiday archetypes, how to spot them and what to give them for Xmas.

Can you feel the joy, angst, cosiness, stress, love, self-doubt, excitement and total happiness-despair? GOOD! That means you're in full on Christmas mood. 
Because usually the hecticness we feel around this season is the lack of time (or imagination) to find good gifts that suits your loved ones and that isn't bad for the planet. 

Therefore, we have created the ultimate guide to 5 of the most common holiday archetypes, how to spot them and most importantly: What to give them for Christmas. 

Let's sleigh right in!


The Eternal Host come in many shapes and forms, but ALWAYS with the same temperament and behaviour. A perfectionist with performance anxiety but always looks put together for the arriving guests. 

How to spot them: 

* Scurries around the house, full speed with short, fast and heavy steps

* Piranha like mouth that snaps off any "helpful" comment from the other humans that happen to live there too.

* Thinks all the guests will be disappointed and end all future friendships 

* Might have a minor breakdown before they start scurrying again 

* Naturally hosts the best xmas parties

What to gift them: 

The Eternal Host mostly wants to feel appreciated for their hard work, and rightly so. That's why they would love to just chill a bit after all the Christmas-craze with some easy access, hassle free, ready portioned coffee. 

(Ships directly to receiver AKA perfect if you've forgotten to get someone something)

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1 134 SEK 969 SEK


The Christmas Cray-Cray is the person who loves Xmas above all, and therefore forcefully wants everyone else to love it just as much as them.  

How to spot them: 

* Starts decorating right after Halloween

* Wears the most outrageous holiday outfits

* Most likely listens to Christmas music in July because "The melodies are so beautiful."

* Tries to force everyone to write intricate rhymes to all their gifts – because it's CHRISTMAS GOD DAMN IT!

* Reminds everyone of the true essence of Christmas

What to gift them: 

The Anti-Christ(Mas) doesn't want a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that can be related to Rudolph, Santa or a frikkin snowman. What they would greatly appreciate however, is a gift full of Darkness which package illustration is exactly what they wish for right now: A bag to hide in. 

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Darkness 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
199 SEK


The Single-But-Not-Ready-To-Mingle is the person who always shows up alone to the Christmas party. They can't stand questions about their lack of a relationship and receive many pity invites to random peoples holiday festivities.  

How to spot them: 

* Most likely sat by the children's table 

* Avoids all female relatives to not have to answer awkward questions about them being alone 

* Emphasises that Christmas is about family – not spouses

* Usually gives the best gifts to everyone 

What to gift them:

The Party Elf is a happy character and mainly just want everyone else to be happy too. So the obvious choice is of course a gift that is as joyful, easygoing and colourful as The Party Elf: Happiness coffee! 

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HAPPINESS 500g coffee - Lykke Kaffegårdar
199 SEK

(We tried the Ai-image trend and the result is... well... absolutely terrifying)

Enjoy your nightmares!


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